Thursday, December 20, 2012

30 years ago

Her best advice column ever


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, just plain ignorance!

Anonymous said...

30 years ago they were educated. Today they kill us in the name of God. Merry Christmas to all.
Athos/Rio de Janeiro. Brazil

BearPaul said...

Brilliant reply, I love it.

LA Richard said...

If I were Dear Abby, this is what my advice would be:

Dear Reader,

It may take some time, but after a while I think you will start following their lead on how they design their garden. You may have thought yours was a shining example, but it is going to pale in comparison to theirs.

And if you thought you were the queen of baking on the annual block party, well, now you have two other queens to compete with. And believe me girl, you'll lose your crown.

If anything, this couple will be an asset to your neighborhood, by challenging you to better yourself.

And once they adopt children, their house is going to be the most favorite hangout for all the kids in the hood.

After all, it's hard to beat the ambience existing between two people who live together out of love, who dress in fashionable clothes, who drink a glass of chardonnay, and choose to adopt children later, rather than two people who have to live together because one got knocked up, and the other one in the wife beater is doing that very same beating, every night after a six pack.

Improving the quality of your neighborhood starts with the first gay couple that moves into it!

Anonymous said...

Prejudicial, yes. BUT NOT LOSING THE MANNERS!!